PJ86 50g Refillable PP Material Cream Jar with Spoon

About the material of 100g cream jar

The cream jar is made of 100% PP single material, BPA free, if you need PCR material, we can also use it upon request. * PP material has low density, so it is very light and easy to transport. * PP material has good heat resistance and chemical stability, very stable and durable. * PP material is pure in texture, non-toxic and tasteless. * PP material is recognized as an environmentally friendly material and is easy to recycle.

About design of flip cap cream jar

Matching small spoon design: The cosmetic jar is equipped with a small spoon, which is convenient for taking materials and reduces pollution in the process of taking contents. Orientated Flip Cap Design: Airtight fresh locking flip lid, easy to use, quick and easy to open the lid. Rounded Wide Mouth Design: This design makes it easy to hold or fill lotion or cream. Sealing Layer Design: This layer not only holds the small digging spoon, but also isolates external contamination and prevents contaminants from entering the built-in object. Buckle Design: There are card slots on the jar and lid for easy opening and closing.

About use of flip cap cream jar

The first step, open the flip cover, take a small spoon. The second step, pull the sealing layer, take the material with a small spoon, and apply it to the face or body. The third step, cleaning the spoon. Finally, close the sealing layer, put back the spoon, snap on the flip-top cap, and you're done. Note: Tighten the cap to the bottle before use.

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