DB09-A PP Refillable Deodorant Stick Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging

Topfeel Stick Packaging DA09-A Introduction

1. Specification: ISO9001, SGS, GMP workshop, any color, decoration, free sample

2. Product Usage: Deodorant/Sunscreen/Perfume Stick

3. Material: All components made of Mono PP  (option to add PCR)

4.Capacity: 10/15/20ml (compact size, easy to carry)

Main features of Stick Packaging 

1. Environmentally friendly material:

- Made of PP (polypropylene) material, it has good environmental performance and can be recycled to reduce the impact on the environment.

2. Refillable design:
- Refillable design, convenient for multiple use, reduce waste, in line with the concept of sustainable development.

3. Rotating base design:
- Rotating base water dispensing method, easy to use. Simply rotate the base, you can easily control the amount of water, to avoid waste.

4. Small capacity, easy to carry:
- Small capacity design, suitable for carrying around. Whether you are travelling or for daily use, it is very convenient.

5. multi-purpose application:
- Suitable for a variety of deodorant products and other solid cosmetics, such as sunscreen sticks, moisturising sticks, etc., to meet different personal care needs.

Item Capacity Parameter Material
DA09A 10ml 47.5mmx20.7mmx58mm PP
DA09A 15ml 47.5mmx20.7mmx74.5mm
DA09A 20ml 47.5mmx20.7mmx91.5mm