PJ51 PJ51A 30g 50g PCR Press Cream Case Container Cosmetic Cream Jar

Press Airless Cream Jar Without Pump

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Item No. Capacity Parameter Packing Details
PJ51 30g φ63.5mmx42mm

Cap: 47*33*310 cm,360 pcs/ctn

Press disc: 47*33*300cm,700pcs/ctn

30g Jar :47*33*33cm,192pcs/ctn

50g Jar:47*33*31cm,144pcs/ctn

PJ51 50g φ63.5mmx50.5mm
Component: Screw cap, jar, piston, disc Material: 100% PP material / PCR material This is a cosmetic case produced by a hot runner mold. This means that it has no nozzle material and no need for post-processing, so that the entire molding process is fully automated, saving working time and improving work efficiency. Then, the delivery time can be faster. Please feel free send the inquity to info@topfeelgroup.com Topfeelpack uses 100% PP plastic material instead of a mixture of multiple materials (like ABS, Acrylic), which makes the jar PJ51 30g 50g safer, and more importantly, it can also use PCR recycled materials! The pump head and piston no longer play a decisive role in the airless system. This cream jar has only a thin disc seal without any metal springs, so this container can be recycled all at once.