PA66 PCR Airless Pump Bottle with Optional Function Pump Head

PCR Airless Pump Bottle with Optional Function Pump Head

It is an ideal cosmetic packaging that is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, easily recycled and beautifully designed. It providing the best compatibility and stability that can then all be recycled: A highly effective option to protect our planet and a great step towards respecting nature and resources.

1. Specifications: PA66 PCR Plastic Airless Pump Bottle, 100% raw material, ISO9001, SGS, GMP Workshop, Any color, decorations, Free samples

2Product Usage: Skin Care, Facial Cleanser, Toner, Lotion, Cream, BB Cream, Liquid Foundation, Essence, Serum

3. Features:
(1) Special lockable pump head: Avoid content exposure to the air.
(2) Special turn on/off button: Avoid accidentally pumping out.
(3) Special airless pump function: Avoid contamination without air touch.
(4) Special PCR-PP material: Avoid environmental pollution to use recycled material.

4. Capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 120ml, 150ml, 200ml, 210ml

5Product Components: Cap, Pump, Bottle

6. Optional Decoration: Plating, Spray-painting, Aluminium Cover, Hot Stamping, Silk Screen Printing, Thermal Transfer Printing

Face serum / Facce mositurizer / Eye care essence / Eye care serum / Skin care serum  /Skin care lotion / Skin care essence / Body lotion / Cosmetic toner bottle

Q: What is PCR plastic?

A: PCR plastic is made from recycled plastic, which can be recycled on a large scale and then processed into resin to be used in the manufacture of new packaging. This process reduces plastic waste and gives packaging a second life.

Q: How is PCR plastic produced?

A: Plastic waste is collected, soaked in colour and then crushed into very fine particles. These are then melted down and reprocessed into new plastic.

Q: What are the advantages of PCR plastic?

A: There are many advantages to using PCR plastic. Because less waste is produced and collected, it is less waste to landfill and water supplies than virgin plastic. PCR plastic can also have a more positive impact on our planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

Q: What is unique about our PCR plastic airless bottles?

A: There are many different environmentally friendly packaging options, such as recyclable packaging and biodegradable packaging. When it comes to recyclable or recycled plastics, recyclable plastics must be a 'single material plastic' and not a mixture of different plastics in order to be considered 100% recyclable. For example, if you have a refill pack with a lid and the lid is made from a different plastic, it will not be considered 100% recyclable. For this reason, we have designed it using full PP-PCR material, which reduces the amount of plastic material required and ensures that the packaging is 100% recyclable.